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We have state-of-the-art marination, breading and battering equipment for consistent and efficient production of par-fry products. We have flexibility in whole muscle (filet, strips and chunks) and formed products such as nuggets, patties and any other desired shapes.

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Individually Frozen (IF)

Peco currently supplies top retailers with bone-in parts along with boneless white and dark meat products. We can pack IF products in our Peco Farms brand or customers’ private labels.

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Marination Bag & Blast

We can marinate, pack and freeze boneless white and dark meat to your specifications, which is great for the increasingly present hand-breaded applications at many restaurants.

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Our wings grace menus of all types. We offer marinated and non-marinated wings and provide various pack options including CVP bulk, CVP 4x10, CO2 bulk and IF.

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Deboned Boneless White & Dark Meat

We offer deboned breast meat, tenders, whole legs and thighs and offer box (CVP bulk, CVP 4x10 and CO2 bulk) or combo packaging options.

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Bone-In Dark Meat

We offer legs, leg quarters, drumsticks, thighs and CVP bulk, CVP 4x10 and CO2 bulk or combo packaging options.

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Mechanically Separated Chicken (MSC)

Our mechanically separated meat is formulated to your specifications with the option to include cure, salt, antioxidants or natural ingredients to meet your formulation needs.

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We offer jumbo chicken paws packed to international specifications.

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