Peco has a wide assortment of products available and is capable of packaging them to suit our customer’s needs.

retail products - baked


Peco supplies a broad range of private label fresh and frozen products customized to your specifications.

retail products - wraps
retail products - grilled

Further Processors and Industrial

Peco provides a broad range of products. Our boneless skinless items are x-rayed to reduce the possibility of foreign material and unwanted bones. We take special care in packaging and temperature control to ensure the highest possible freshness and shelf life. We know that our customers need the same high-quality products day in and out and we take great care to deliver them. Our industry knowledge provides us with an understanding of the challenges our customers face and the solutions they require.

Products include boneless skinless breast, tenderloins, cut party wings, drumsticks, leg quarters, whole leg, boneless leg, boneless thigh.

They are packed fresh/CVP/CO2/boxed-bulk combo.

further processors and industrial
premium breaded and portion controlled

Premium Breaded and Portion Controlled

Peco is proud to support many of the top food service brands in the world. We understand the rigorous quality mindset and systems needed to consistently produce products to very tight specifications. We also understand the need to be sustainably engaged and to do the right things so we are able to effectively protect the brands that we serve. We know that our customers need both competitive costs and innovation to help them drive their growth and success by having satisfied customers that crave their food.

International Export

  • Peco exports products to various countries around the world (Hong Kong, Middle East, Vietnam, Cuba, Mexico, Iraq, to name a few)

  • Our exported products include: leg quarters, whole legs, drumsticks, boneless leg, boneless thigh, chicken paws

  • We offer qualified Halal

international export