Peco has a wide assortment of products available with the capabilities to package them to suit our customers’ needs.

From the corporate chef to the quick-serve fast-food restaurants and retail grocers, Peco Foods offers a wide range of quality chicken products to satisfy all needs. Uniquely suited as a partner to multiple business segments, we provide a variety of chicken products that deliver innovation and quality to each customer.

We currently offer items in non-marinated refrigerated and frozen form, marinated bulk and individually frozen, as well as battered and breaded par-fried items. Peco is dedicated to delivering excellence and providing dependable products considered First on Any Menu with a passion for quality in all that we do.

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Our Segments and Distribution Channels

Food Service

Comprehensive Processing

At Peco, we consider ourselves a “right-sized” company equipped with the necessary capabilities to meet a diverse product mix and evolving customer needs. From industrial chicken portion needs to unique product development opportunities, Peco has a wide range of processing options and flexibility to customize a process to meet our partners' needs.

As a fourth-generation family-owned company, we combine our vertically integrated supply operations with further processing locations that can portion, marinate and season our products. We genuinely embrace our history of bringing quality products from our farms to your table.






PORTION CONTROL raw breast meat and tender sizing

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Sustainability Journey

At Peco we believe every day presents itself with new opportunities for continual improvement while sustaining the relationships we have built. This belief has guided our business from its founding roots in agriculture in 1937 and has enabled us to grow during the past eighty-three years as a family-owned company.

Our mission reflects upon the treasured past in which we were founded and provides guidance for our business decisions in the future. Operating our company in a sustainable manner has been a core value since our founding and remains one of our core values today - “Practice Sustainability”.

Peco’s sustainability program is centered on Ethics, Environment and Economics, and we embrace our responsibility to be sustainable today and for our future generations to follow.

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Research and Innovation

Peco's research and development team partners with our internal business units and our customer partners to deliver both innovative concepts and functional solutions to everyday challenges. Utilizing resources such as our Culinary Center for Innovation, the team strives for continuous improvement in three key areas:

  • Innovative concept development
  • Improvements to products, process and packaging
  • Implementing custom solutions
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Animal Health & Welfare

At Peco, we strive to do what’s right. We raise chickens to provide a safe, nutritious and quality product to families around the world and pledge to promote and protect the health and welfare of our chickens. An all-encompassing Animal Health and Welfare program helps to keep our chickens as healthy and comfortable as possible. This program is established and overseen by our veterinarian(s) and carried out by our family contract producers and Peco team members.

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Process Verified Programs

Peco Foods utilizes a Process Verified Program (PVP) for responsible antibiotic use designed to consistently provide customers with quality poultry products. The PVP programs are used to provide assurances to our customers that the poultry products provided are sourced from Certified Responsible Antibiotic Use (CRAU) programs that are hatched, raised and harvested in the United States.

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Peco Foods PVP program is supported by a documented management system, overseen by our corporate Animal Welfare and Husbandry Council, and audited at a minimum of once per year by a qualified USDA AMS certified auditor for compliance. The PVP audit verification process includes a rigorous review of a company’s program using a combination of company performed internal audits, AMS led desk audits to ensure all program requirements are accounted for and documented in their Quality Manual, and a comprehensive on-site audit of all facilities and phases of the operation that impact process verified points.

Currently Peco Foods has eight complexes with a range of PVP certifications available to meet customer needs and industry demands.