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Environmental Commitment

Peco respects our responsibility to operational efficiency, resource management, and the minimization of environmental impacts. We continually seek out ways to improve energy efficiency, water resource management, solid waste reductions, recycling, and other ways to reduce our impacts on the environment. This is essential to the well-being of the communities in which we live and operate, our customers, and to the success of Peco. We are encouraged by the progress achieved thus far, and together continuously strive for improvements and excellence through intentional work and focus.


As we live our vision to be a world-class food company, please join us as we continue our sustainability journey and identify opportunities to further innovate and improve our operations to better serve our customers, our communities and our team today and for generations to come.

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FYEs as of March 2019 and 2020

FYE as of March 2018

At Peco, we believe every day presents new opportunities for continual improvement while sustaining the relationships we have built. This belief has long guided our business from its founding roots in agriculture in 1937, and has enabled us to grow during the past eighty years as a family owned company.

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Our mission reflects upon the treasured past in which we were founded, as well as provides guidance for future business decisions. Operating our company in a sustainable manner has been a core value since our founding, and remains a core value today - “Practice Sustainability.” Peco’s sustainability program is centered on Ethics, Environment, and Economics. Peco respects our responsibility to not only be sustainable in todays world, but also for our future generations to follow.

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