Peco Foods is searching for a Shift Manager for our facility in Sebastopol, MS.

Summary Description:

Direct responsibility for all employees and equipment in First and Second Processing. Assists the Plant Manager in total day to day operations of the plant. Assumes plant manager’s responsibilities and authority if absent.

Essential Job Functions/Duties:

  1. Supervises assigned department managers in First, Second, and/or third shift Processing. Indirectly supervises hourly employees in these areas.
  2. Calculates and monitors performance standards for all departments
    1. Birds per man hour
    2. Yields
    3. Chain speeds
    4. Labor cost per pound
    5. Total plant cost
    6. Safety goals
    7. QA goals
    8. Downtime
  3. Coordinates planning between production, sales, and shipping.
    1. Knows production capabilities for each product
    2. Familiar with all packing codes
    3. Keeps production and sales informed on product rotation
  4. Develops programs/procedures designed to cut costs including staffing requirements, equipment modification/purchase, and the like.
  5. Maintains good working relationship between plant manager and hourly employees.
    1. Attends employee meetings
    2. Frequently tours plant and talks with employees
    3. Solicits employee suggestions/comments and responds
  6. Implements and maintains safety program and 30-point ergonomics program

Secondary Functions/Duties:

Performs other duties as assigned or needed.


Receives infrequent direction from supervisor. Provides general direction to department managers. Has hiring/firing authority.


3 years previous management experience in a poultry plant environment. Good analytical skills. Good understanding/use of basic computer skills. Good communication skills, oral and written. Team player. Able to make sound decisions and initiate action.

Educational Requirements:

High school diploma required. College degree preferred.

Physical/Mental Requirements:

Must be capable of standing on concrete floor for up to 8 hours a day with infrequent breaks, going anywhere in the plant, and working in a cold (to 28 degrees) damp environment. Capable of working under stress to meet deadlines.


Sebastopol, MS


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