Peco Foods, Inc. is seeking a salaried maintenance manager for our plant is West Point, MS.


  • Direct supervisor for 4 salaried employees, and approximately 28-35 hourly employees.
  • Verify weekly payroll time sheets for all employees in the department.
  • Maintain down time in the processing plant from the live shed to the shipping dock.
  • Approve all maintenance invoices, daily cost of parts and repairs.
  • Be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency.
  • Oversee all special mainenance projects that occur in the plant.
  • Responsible for all facility needs at the processing complex.
  • Schedule weekened maintenance p/m work for the plant.
  • Performs various special tasks as assigned by the Plant Manager.
  • Comply with all written corporate and plant policies.
  • Ensure plant compliance in food safety and assist in the upkeep of the complext grounds.
  • Comply with all written corporate safety and plant policies.
  • Maintain the highest possible level of personal hygiene and cleanliness in accordance with plant GMP policies.
  • Follow the written specification for packaging and labeling of products.
  • Identify and report any suspicious or abnormal situations to the plant manager.
    • Abnormal situation would be:
      • Product tampering
      • Willful product adulteration
      • Unauthorized employees in restricted areas
      • Situation where a belief that product adulteration may be occurring
      • Equipment malfunction that may put product wholesomeness at stake

Physical Demands:

  • Working in a wet/damp environment and a normal room tempature environment.
  • Standing / walking 100% of the workday.
  • Lifting various weights on an as needed basis.


This job description is not all inclusive of what the employee may be asked to do while performing the duties described above. The company reserves the right to modify this job without prior notice.


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