Peco is searching for a Maintenance Supervisor for our processing plant in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Summary Description:

Oversee and manage mechanics performing maintenance on & repairs of plant equipment.

Essential Job Functions/Duties:

  1. Must be able to troubleshoot, overhaul, repair and maintain machinery.
  2. Proficient in total plant knowledge, including both layout and equipment.
  3. Exhibit a high level of proficiency in assigned area, and possess working knowledge in all areas of the plant.
  4. Occasionally perform and continuously oversee routine preventative maintenance and repairs as needed to plant equipment.
  5. Practice and oversee correct Lock-out / Tag-out procedures on a daily basis.
  6. Be able to set up, operate, adjust, and maintain production equipment.
  7. Know and complete necessary paperwork associated with machinery, time sheets, and employee job duties.
  8. Identify and report any suspicious or abnormal situations to their immediate supervisor or plant management official such as product tampering, unauthorized employees in restricted area, and equipment malfunction that may put product wholesomeness at stake.
  9. Provide leadership & guidance to assigned team. Make decisions within scope of role, and identify when escalation to maintenance manager is necessary.
  10. Must know and understand equipment, processes, and required paperwork for assigned area(s).
  11. Take ownership to ensure that the department is organized and running efficiently within safety and GMP guidelines at all times.
  12. Show aptitude for additional leadership responsibilities.
  13. Know, enforce, and comply with written plant policies and procedures.
  14. Must exhibit the Peco Core values: Safety, Teamwork, Mutual Respect, Accountability, and Honesty.
  15. Must be dependable and demonstrate initiative.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned.
  17. Should have firm grasp of electrical, hydraulic, electronic, welding, and heat exchange disciplines.
  18. Must be comfortable using PPE for Extremely Hazardous Substances.

Physical/Mental Requirements:

  1. Must be able to stand/walk 100% of the work day.
  2. Gripping and repetitive use of hands.
  3. Must be able to bend, stoop, and climb steps.
  4. Must be comfortable working in organic conditions.
  5. See below for additional details.

Job Demands:

  1. Please mark the frequency and number of hours PER DAY the employee must be able to perform the following activities for his or her job:
    SITTING   X     X          
    WALKING X           X      
    STANDING           X        
    BENDING   X < 1 hour                
    SQUATTING   X < 1 hour                
    CLIMBING   X < 1 hour                
    KNEELING   X < 1 hour                
    TWISTING   X < 1 hour                
    LIFTING   X < 1 hour                
    CRAWLING   X < 1 hour                
    HAND USE   X < 1 hour                
    GRASPING   X < 1 hour                
  2. Check below for the standard working conditions/ lifting requirements for this job:
    • 0-10 lbs. continously
    • 11-20 lbs. often
    • 21- 50 lbs. occasionally
    • 51- 75 lbs. rarely
    • Over 75 lbs.
    The employee must be able to:
    • Work in heat or cold, humidity, dampness
    • High speed/ mechanic work
    • Experience exposure to dust, fumes, or gases
    • Use visual sense
    • Use hearing sense
    • Cope with stress
    The employee must be able to work EIGHT OR MORE hours per day, 5-7 days per week.
  3. The employee must know and abide by safety regulations and use his or her assigned PPE at all times.


Tuscaloosa, AL


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