Peco Foods, Inc. is seeking a Evisceration Supervisor on Night Shift at our facility in Tuscaloosa, AL.


  • Observes employees working in Evisceration, Salvage, and Paw departments to make sure that they are working as efficiently and safely as possible to the highest standards of quality.
  • May stand at an evisceration line station for extended period of time.
  • Proficiently speaking English and using Excel and MS Word; complete Safety, Production, and Quality reports daily.
  • Maintain 100% efficiency.
  • Must monitor, comply, enforce and champion Peco Foods, Inc’s Animal Welfare Policy and Best Practices.
  • Liaison between USDA, plant employees, and QA department to ensure production of wholesome and safe consumer product.
  • Must comply with written plant policies.
  • Monitor attendance and behavior of employees and take action as needed in accordance with company policy.
  • Must maintain the highest possible level of personal hygiene and cleanliness in accordance with plant GMP policies.
  • Follow the written specification for packaging and labeling of products.
  • Physically inspect products for both natural occurring and processing defects.
    • Natural occurring defects would be but not limited to: deformity, bruising in excess, infection, discoloration, and abscess.
    • Processing defects would be but not limited to: Foreign Material (FM), bones, extraneous material (to include fecal matter), feathers, broken/mis-cut, missed heads, torn, fat levels, etc.
  • React appropriately to any reports of suspicious or abnormal situations from employees.
  • Identify and report any suspicious or abnormal situations to their immediate supervisor or plant management official, including:
    • Product tampering.
    • Willful product adulteration.
    • Unauthorized employees in restricted areas.
    • Situation where a belief that product adulteration may be occurring.
    • Equipment malfunction that may put product wholesomeness at stake.

Physical Demands:

  • Working at temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit to as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours or more.
  • Standing/walking 70% of the workday.
  • Lifting 10 pounds often and up to 33 pounds occasionally and up to 75 pounds rarely.
  • Occasionally being exposed to bird feces.
  • Sitting, reading, twisting, lifting, squatting less than 40% of the workday.


This job description is not all inclusive of what the employee may be asked to do while performing the duties described above. The company reserves the right to modify this job without prior notice.


Tuscaloosa, AL


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