Peco Foods, Inc. is searching for a Corporate Environmental & PSM Coordinator at our location in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Included in the RMP/PSM Record keeping and program maintenance requirements are:

  • Employee Participation
    • Ensure the continual HAZCOM/Ammonia Awareness program.
    • Ensure each plant having a PSM/RMP program, employees involved in the process are involved with the development and process of the PHA (Process Hazard Analysis).
    • Ensure PSM team meeting minutes and each plant specific PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Management post (ROUTINE MEETINGS) so that the plant employees have access to ongoing PSM activities.
    • Follow up with PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management to ensure all PSM elements are updated on site as required.
    • Gathers Monthly reports from each PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Management and disseminates this information on the corporate SharePoint site or single source of information sharing capability.
    • Assists with plant specific site training of Refrigeration Management and PSM Coordinators.
    • Assists with plant specific Refrigeration system troubleshooting and system optimization efforts.
  • Process Safety Information
    • Ensure refrigeration staff review P&ID’s annually, and review all valves for accurate valve tags and maintain documentation.
    • Ensure each plant has the information/documentation compiled as per PSM/RM standard requirements.
    • Work with plant PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management to ensure B-109 inspections are completed annually for each piece of equipment and maintain documentation. These forms are required as part of the PSI as well as a maintenance inspection under Mechanical Integrity.
    • Ensures updates to the inventory calculations, equipment list, and valve list for site with assistance from the PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management.
    • Teaches, trains, coaches, and mentors PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management on applicable Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) such as IIAR Bulletins, ASHRAE, ANSI, ASME, etc.
  • PHA Process Hazard Analysis
    • Ensure the PHA report has been reviewed and signed off by each refrigeration operator/PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Management, and Plant Manager.
    • Follow up on the status of the open recommendations and ensure each plant review after each monthly/quarterly meetings.
    • Attend PHA audits at each facility or perform the audit at each facility.
  • SOP Standard Operating Procedures
    • Develop and maintain an SOP format uniform to all plants.
    • Work with PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management with direction to check and verify the SOP associated with each valve group/equipment are accurate and maintain documentation.
    • Assist the PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management in the development a training schedule to re-train each operator on all of the SOP’s every three years.
    • Ensure that management certifies that the SOPs are current and accurate each year.
  • Training
    • Ensure PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management maintain all training records for each operator.
    • Develop and promote and corporate training guideline for refrigeration operators, PSM Coordinators, and Refrigeration Management.
    • Assist the PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management in the development a schedule to ensure continual on-the-job training for each operator.
    • Enforce that all newly hired operators follow the training guidelines established in our corporate training guideline.
    • Ensures the staff re-trains each operator every three years on all of the SOP’s/MIPs (refresher) and maintain documentation.
    • Ensure each plant has the following: annual PFT, annual Fit test, annual medical evaluation, respirator use training, LOTO, Fall protection, Hot work/welding, Confined space, forklift (where applicable), Hazard communication, 24-hour Hazmat technician level for new hires, and 8-hour Hazmat refresher annual (maintains the Training Matrix).
  • Contractors
    • Work with the PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management to obtain and maintain welding certificates for all outside contractors performing work on the Ammonia system and in each MOC project file.
    • Ensure PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management compiles welding examination reports for all work performed on the Ammonia system (where applicable).
    • Ensure the PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Management is maintaining the qualification documents for any contractor working on or around the Ammonia system.
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review
    • Ensure each plant maintains PSSR records for all projects where required (MOC’s).
    • Ensure each plant is closing out outstanding issues from each PSSR until resolved or completed
  • Mechanical Integrity
    • Ensure each plant performs and maintains the B-109’s (yearly inspections) and findings.
    • Ensure each plant is maintaining the status of the open recommendation from the 5-year MI inspection.
    • Assist the PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Manager is the generation of PM’s for the following:
      • Weekly, Monthly, semi-annual, and annual PMs for all equipment to include: compressors, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, vessels and associated equipment
      • Vibration analysis of each compressor
      • Oil analysis
      • Oil consumption logs
      • SRV 5-year replacement schedule, due dates, etc…
      • Ensure a Certificate of Analysis is obtained before each Ammonia delivery and maintain same in a file
  • Hot Work Policy
    • Ensure the plant is maintaining HWP’s used for work on the Ammonia system are kept on file for 90 days, and filed with each MOC requiring welding.
    • Ensure the plant maintains fire extinguisher training records exist for those performing fire watch duties.
  • Management of Change
    • Ensure each plant is maintaining the MOC log for each MOC required.
    • Ensure the plant refrigeration operators have received training for each change requiring an MOC and maintain records of training.
    • Ensure each plant is updating the necessary information required by each MOC, to include:
      • P&ID revision
      • Equipment list update
      • SOP creation or revision
      • Ammonia inventory calculation update (corporate will assist)
      • Material and Energy Balance update (if needed) (corporate will assist)
      • All other PSI items requiring update (review PSI to determine)
      • PM procedures update, if needed
      • PHA development and tracking if required (PHA will be performed by corporate manager or contractor doing the work)
  • Incident Investigation
    • Ensure each plant maintains the Incident Investigation log for each incident.
    • Ensure each plant creates meeting minutes for all II team investigations and distribute minutes to team members and Corporate Environmental/PSM manager.
    • Ensure each plant maintains odor complaint forms and file accordingly.
    • Track status of open recommendations from the II form and distribute to the appropriate team members.
    • Ensure each II form has been signed by appropriate team members.
    • Ensure there is a Close-Out form attached to each Incident Investigation.
  • Emergency Response and Planning
    • Maintain a list of emergency responders and plans for each plant with safety department.
    • Ensure Hazmat training records are maintained up-to-date for all refrigeration personnel.
    • Work with the PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Management to ensure PM’s are in place:
      • Ensure a PM exists to check Hazmat suits, regulators and equipment – monthly
      • Ensure a PM exists to check personal respirators – monthly
      • Ensure a PM exists to check the Level A suits – annually (pressure test)
  • Compliance Audits
    • Participation on the 3-year compliance audit team.
    • Ensure each plant maintains the tracking status of open CA recommendations.
    • Work with the PSM Coordinator/Refrigeration Management to correct audit deficiencies.
    • Ensure each plant posts CA recommendations for review by operators, have them sign off on review.
  • RMP
    • Ensure each plant is: PSM Team member list and Organizational Chart (Post on bulletin boards).
    • Assist in the RMP re-submittals.
    • Assist in the development and submittal of new RMP’s or updated changes.

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Record Keeping and Inspection

  • Ensure each plant maintains all records pertinent to Boiler and Pressure Vessel record and inspection under Federal and State Requirements.
  • Ensure inspections take place as necessary and follow RAGAGEP.
  • Work with each plant on the continuous improvement of the program.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Work with each plant on program oversight.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of permitting for each plant.
  • Work with each plant on sludge hauling, chemical costs, and surcharge opportunities.

Storm Water Protection Plan and Conservation (SWPPC)

  • Assist each plant at Environmental Consultant in the development of each site specific plan, implementation, and ensure the plan is being managed by each plant.

Management Oversight

  • In addition to the above mentioned roles, this position will also obtain specific training for the processes so that he/she can assist in the operational and maintenance oversight of each process. This is key for ensuring that the PSM Coordinators and Refrigeration Management understands the processes for which they are responsible for.

Although compliance is a joint effort by all who work in a facility where a PSM program is required, the use of a Corporate Environmental Manager working hand in hand with Health and Safety Manager and PSM Coordinators/Refrigeration Manager greatly enhances your opportunity for a successful program.

Strong adherence to the RMP/PSM standards and Environmental Regulations has historically equated to safer work-places as documented by EPA. Fatalities and overall accidental releases have drastically reduced over the years, due in part to stricter compliance adherence.

OSHA is currently partaking in “Advanced OSHA PSM Training” courses to better understand industries responsibilities to the PSM program and proper documentation practices. It is therefore imperative that we, the industry, lead the way in demonstrating the proper and safe way to manage the Hazardous chemicals we utilize in our business.


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