Animal Well Being

Animal Health and Welfare Commitment

Peco believes that proper care for animals is the moral and ethical obligation of all corporations that care for and process animals that are used in our food products.

This commitment has and will always be foremost in the day to day operations of our company. All personnel involved in the care and handling of animals are properly trained and expected to follow the Peco Animal Health and Welfare Program completely. Peco will not tolerate anyone mistreating the animals that we depend on for our business existence and our company's success.

Mark Hickman
President and CEO
Roddy Sanders
Corporate Director of Live Operations
Animal Health and Welfare Chairperson

Doing What's Right

At Peco, we strive to do what’s right. We raise chickens to provide a safe, nutritious, and quality product to families around the world. We pledge to promote and protect the health and welfare of our chickens. An all-encompassing Animal Health and Welfare program helps to keep our chickens as healthy and comfortable as possible. This program is established and overseen by our veterinarian(s) and carried out by our family contract producers and Peco team members.